Why CBD for the Elderly?

The CBD industry has expanded immensely in the last decade, and individuals of every age are eager to learn more about its potential benefits. Below are a couple of reasons seniors are exploring the benefits of CBD.
CBD is Non Intoxicating
CBD is not going to have intoxicating effects, and is not proven to be addictive or lethal by overdose. Seniors can ease their discomforts while using CBD, but not have to worry about dulling their cognition.
CBD Helps with Sleep
Healthy sleep cycles are essential to a healthy lifestyle at any age. For seniors, at a naturally more vulnerable stage in their lives, regulating sleep is especially important.
Common Medical Concerns and How CBD for Seniors Can Help
The new TRICOMES™ line at ICEpots targets arthritis pain. Arthritis sufferers could benefit from the TRICOMES™ , which can be applied by mixing with any oil to affected areas.
Everyday Stresses
Health problems, loss of friends and family around the same age, and isolation can cause depression to set in among seniors. As mentioned in the cognitive health section, CBD oils for the elderly can support a feeling of calm that helps with tackling daily stresses*. These benefits of CBD may positively impact many common stresses that older adults may encounter.
Studies performed on mice have shown that the use of THC and CBD might support cognitive health in the elderly brain. CBD oil capsules by Charlotte’s Web are designed to soothe daily stresses and support a positive mood and focus*. Relief from stress as well as maintaining focus and a positive mood can support cognitive health.
In one way or another, most seniors experience a change in their skin in their later years. Charlotte’s Web™ offers topicals infused with CBD and other beneficial ingredients that seep into your skin to revitalize, restore, and rejuvenate.
Whether due to pain, side effects of medications, or problems with stress, trouble sleeping is sadly common among seniors. TRICOMES™ CBD  can help soothe the mind, ease stresses, and support healthy sleep*. Generally, 17mg is a good starting place for serving size, and you can read more about how much to take in this article about CBD for occasional sleeplessness.
How to Talk with Your Parents and Grandparents about CBD
Unfortunately, it is common for the elderly to suffer age-related maladies, even if they are in comparatively great health for their age. If you think that CBD might help your older loved ones, here are some tips on how to approach the topic.
Differentiate between CBD and THC. Your older relatives may be unaware of how CBD is different from THC. It is possible that they may expect both to intoxicate them, and thus might be hesitant to try CBD. Explain that CBD is nonintoxicating, and perhaps offer to watch an informational video with them about CBD basics.

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