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Natural Hemp Clothing

The hemp plant is amazingly versatile — so much so that as well as using it to create Ayurvedic medicines and health products, the crop can also be harvested to craft clothing and accessories.

Each of our hemp garments is made with care from one of the world’s strongest and most enduring natural fibres. Shop our range of ICEpots t-shirts, hoodies and caps and refresh your casual wardrobe with comfortable, sustainable garments guaranteed to last.

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Benefits of Hemp Apparel


Hemp clothing is renowned for being a comfortable, breathable and sustainable alternative to synthetic fabrics. Studies suggest it could also be a more sustainable and economical alternative to cotton, as it is more durable and requires less water to grow.

The hemp plant also grows extremely fast, can be cultivated organically without the aid of chemicals and can thrive on infertile land. Hemp is a high-yield crop with a promising future in the fibre industry, used to create clothing, textiles, rope and canvas, and more.


Hemp is renowned for its robust characteristics. As well as being able to grow in adverse climates, its fibres are long, stringy and tough. Hemp fabric is made from the tall stalk of the plant, which allows individual fibres to be longer than cotton or wool fibres typically are. When these tall, sturdy fibres are woven into textiles, the result is an incredibly durable fabric that doesn’t break down over time.


As a fabric, hemp is insulating and highly absorbent, which means it’s great at keeping you warm and dry. Despite being hard-wearing, hemp clothing remains soft and comfortable to wear, and this fantastic material even repels UV rays and resists mould and mildew.

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