Nano Emulsion CBD oil

Nano Emulsion

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Directions (Shake It Well Before Use):

Orally: Can be taken with hot or cold milk, protein shake, coffee, water, soda or can be infused with any fatty substance or food items. Absorption Rate orally will be 99% effect within 1 hour. (For Extra Strength use Trichomes™ and add it to you Nano Emulsion as per your requirement)
2. Vaporising : Not for vaporising
3. Dosage : One full dropper daily morning and evening or as suggested by your doctor.
4. Suggested dosage will have No Psychoactive Effects.
5. Can be consumed any time of the day before or after food or as suggested by the doctor.

    StorageKeep it in refrigerator for a longer shelf life.

    About : Nano Emulsion (Full Spectrum 540MG) is made with all Organic ingredients and years of research. Nano Emulsion is water soluble which makes it 99% Bio Available so the body will absorb all cannabinoids and you will get maximum results with lower quantities.
    Regular tinctures Bioavailability is not more then 5% so you need higher dosage, But with ICEpots Nano Emulsion you get 99% of cannabinoids absorption in your body.
    ICEpots Nano Emulsion gives you freedom to make your own medicine as per your need by using Trichomes™

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