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  • Feelings
  • Helps With
  • Negatives


75% of people report feeling Relaxed



75% of people report feeling Happy



25% of people report feeling Euphoric



75% of people report feeling uplifted


THC Strength




CBD Strength




75% of people say it helps with stress 



37.5% of people say it helps with pain 



75% of people say it helps with anxiety 



62.5% of people say it helps with Depression



12.5% of people say it helps with insomnia


Dry mouth

24% of people report feeling dry mouth


Dry eyes

12% of people report feeling dry eyes



5% of people report feeling dizzy



4% of people report feeling paranoid



4% of people report feeling anxious


Directions Use (Suggested):

1. Orally: Can be taken with hot or cold milk, protein shake or can be infused with any fatty substance or food items. Absorption Rate orally will be 5% to 7% effect within 1 hour (For best higher absorption 99% and bio-availability use ICEpots Organic Nano Emulsion).
2. Vaporising: Best temperature for vaporising Trichomes™ is 190c. Effect will be immediate and absorption and bio- availability 90%
3. Dosage : You can infuse 25MG Trichomes™ for daily use or as suggested by your doctor.
4. Suggested dosage will have No Psychoactive Effects.
5. Can be consumed any time of the day before or after food or as suggested by the doctor.

    Storage: Keep it in refrigerator for a longer shelf life.

    Trichomes (Full Spectrum) are the source of cannabinoids in cannabis plant. They are small spheres on cannabis which coat the leaves, buds and branches, giving it a frosty white appearance. Cannabis Trichomes are glands which allow the production of all Cannabinoids. Trichomes stores maximum amount of CBDA - THCA and other cannabinoids.

    ICEpots patented technology extract Cannabinoids 100% Solvent-less full spectrum called Trichomes™. The products are GMP, ISO 9001-2008, Organic, Solvent-less, 3rd Party Tested.

    What is full spectrum cannabis oil?

    Full spectrum means complete cannabis goodies as they are in natural form on the plant CBDA,THCA,CBGA,THCV etc.
    No Chlorophyll, Waxes and Other Unwanted materials. Which looks like Dark Green crude oil because as per Purity we want to give Cannabinoids to our Body. And sometimes these Dark crude oil does not contains any cannabinoids or so less that the effects of cannabinoids are at minimal.
    Where as consuming pure Trichomes™ (Full Spectrum) you will get highly pure cannabinoids as they are on plants in natural form.
    Trichomes™ are extracted by ICEpots patented technology
    The fresh cannabis leafs are taken to lab for the quality and cannabinoids testing.
    Bulk material goes through various cleaning process, the Cannabis leaves goes through UV chamber to eliminate any microbial contaminations, then cannabis leafs passes through cold water, from there the wet cannabis leafs passes through cryogenic freezing temperature which below -140c, the frozen material finally reach to separation chamber where water is sublimated under high vacuum and with highly charged static plates the trichomes™ are collected on them. And you get 100% PURE & CLEAN solvent-less ICEpots Trichome™ full spectrum extract.


    Importance Of Terpens:

    The most important help cannabinoids get from terpenes is that they speed up the passing of cannabinoids into our bloodstream.

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